“Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished”
~Dan Gilbert, Harvard Psychologist

The quote above is one of my favorites. No human being is ever a “finished” product. We are always growing, learning and developing. The person we are today is not the person we will be in a week, month or year.

We all make mistakes and need to learn from them. Likewise, when someone does something positive, it’s good to learn from him or her as well.

With that in mind, here are two articles that the author thinks are the best and worst customer service stories of 2017. You may remember hearing about several of them. Some will make you smile, and some will make you cringe. The goal is to learn from them, both good and bad.

Enjoy. Here’s hoping 2018 is the year you grow the most.

Paul Rutter is a customer loyalty, repeat business and customer service expert, a keynote speaker, corporate trainer and business author. He has had the unique opportunity to live with his customers and co-workers for months at a time traveling the world, and shares his experiences with land based businesses. For more information on More Than Perfect® Service, contact Paul at Paul@PaulRutterSpeaks.com, follow him on Twitter on @RealPaulRutter or visit him on Facebook/PaulRutterSpeaks.

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