Paul Rutter Workshops

Incredible customer service is more important than ever before

More Than Perfect® Customer Service Workshop

With the ever growing communication capabilities, customers and their feedback can instantly affect your bottom line. Global industry leaders know that taking care of your consumer is essential to long term success.

Paul Rutter’s Half Day or Full Day More Than Perfect® Customer Service Workshop will give your team the competitive advantage you need to be the leader in your industry.

Paul’s workshop will provide your team with the tools you’ll need to:

Effectively Give Your Customers

A More Than Perfect® experience.

Be Your Industry’s Model of Customer Service

And make your employees elite “Brand Ambassadors”.


Enhance Consumer Relationships

To ensure repeat business

Handle Challenges

Effectively and efficiently.

Motivate Your Team To Expect

Exceptional levels of performance and engagement.

Increase Credibility

With your customers.

Set Expectations

And deliver results.

Identify Areas

Where your team can increase the customer experience.

Is this the right workshop for my team?

The More Than Perfect® Customer Service Workshop is essential if you are:

  • Committed to being known for exceptional customer service
  • Committed to developing a process that will help you effectively manage customer challenges
  • Committed to streamlining your customer experience
  • Committed to be the leader in your field
  • Committed to giving your customers an experience that will warrant repeat business

Good is no longer good enough.

It’s time for a More Than Perfect® customer experience – an experience that will bring customers back again and again.

Contact us today to become your industry’s leader in client relationships.