In an Entrepreneur article titled “10 Stories of Unforgettable Customer Service”  author Gregory Ciotti highlights ten unique examples of how exceptional customer service goes a long way. The actions of these businesses provide us with insight into how companies can ensure they keep their customers for life. This week’s story featuring Lego demonstrates how creating a lifelong customer can start at any age. 

Story #5: A Lego Service Rep Saves the Day

“Losing a favorite toy feels devastating to a young child. Longtime Lego fan Luka Apps spent all of his Christmas money on a Ninjago (Lego ninja) named Jay XZ. Against his dad’s advisement, he brought his Ninjago on a shopping trip … and lost it.

Luka wrote a letter to Lego explaining his loss and assuring the Lego staff that he would take extra-special care of his action figure if they sent him another one.

“It’s so rare to see such a thoughtful, creative response to a distraught customer that this story went viral.”



Again, kids are involved, and this company made sure the child was ecstatic, even though the child was at fault.  Happy kids make for happy parents, and we know how influential kids can be when persuading their parents what they would like.  Do you think this kid will take his business anywhere else?
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